Project description

Project Title

Romanian Literary Patrimony Preservation and Valorization by using Intelligent Digital Solutions for Extracting and Systematization of Knowledge



Financing instrument

Administrative Coordinator of the National Research Plan: UEFISCDI

UEFISCDI, a public institution subordinated to the Ministry of National Education, ensures both the realization of studies that substantiate the process of assignating the allocated funds from the state budget for universities, as well as the administrative coordination of some programs and subprograms of the National Research, Development and Innovation Plan. As a research funding agency, similar to prestigious international agencies, it organizes competitions and then monitors the implementation of accepted projects for funding. Through the coordinated PNCDI III programs, it manages approximately 22% of public funding allocated to research, development and innovation (RDI).

RDI financing: Program “Development of the national R&D system”, Subprogram 1.2 “Institutional performance”.

Financing instrument: “Complex projects developed in RDI consortia (PCCDI)”

Objectives of the financing program:

  • developing the human resources, infrastructure and institutions;
  • increasing the efficiency of the use of resources in public organizations, by developing mechanisms for monitoring and evaluating the quality and relevance of RDI activities;
  • increasing the attractiveness of the system and opening up the research organizations to the international community;
  • modernizing public administration in the research sector.

Goal of the financing instrument

Improving the institutional performance of public research organizations with tradition and opportunities for relaunching in socio-economic areas of interest for Romania, by supporting the existing research competences at institutional level.

Total project financing

Total project complex funds: 4.596.719,00 RON

Project period

The project is deployed in a period of 38 months.

Start date: 01.03.2018

End date: 30.04.2021

Project coordinator

Coordinating institution: Institute of History and Literary Theory “G. CĂLINESCU”

Tel: 021 318 81 06 (int. 2023)

Address: Calea 13 Septembrie nr. 13, sector 5, 050711, Bucureşti

Project Coordinator: Acad. Eugen Ioan SIMION

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