Borders of Romanian Literature: Linguistics, History, Geography

Bucharest, 7-8 December 2018

Institute of History and Literary Theory “G. Călinescu” of the Romanian Academy invites you to participate, on the 7th and 8th of December 2018, at the International Conference „Borders of Romanian Literature: Linguistic, History, Geography” organized within the Project „Preserving and Capitalizing on Romanian Literary Heritage Using Intelligent Digital Solutions for Knowledge Extraction and Systematisation” (INTELLIT), PN-III-P1-1.2-PCCDI-2017-0821 / Nr 54PCCDI / 2018. 

The Conference aims through its papers at debating how literary history and lexicography have confronted with methodological and epistemological issues (but also political, ideological, economic) from the middle of the last century to the present. In this sense, our team of researchers developed, under the auspices of the Romanian Academy, the General Dictionary of Romanian Literature, its second edition being in the finalizing process, the Chronology of Romanian Literary Life – post-war (1944-1967) and post-communist periods (1990- 2000), which represents…

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